Eagle's Water Well Vise  was developed to replace obsoleted Toledo vises.

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Water Well Vise

Eagle's Water Well Vise was developed to replace the obsolete Toledo type vise. Our vise is designed with an easy-to-use grip handle for portability and flat sides for lying across the top surface of vertical pipe. With the ability to lay in this position, this vise is perfect for installing or pulling water well pipe.

Our Water Well Vise is unique because it can be used table-mounted or bumper-mounted, when needed for horizontal clamping.

Eagle's Water Well Vise has no cast material in order to minimize the risk of failure caused by crack propagation and material embrittlement, while under extreme use.

It is designed to work on pipe up to 4.5" in diameter and employs gripping blocks and tong dies that incorporate holding patterns for torque holding, as well as axial holding.

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