Eagle vises and accessories are built rugged and strong--ready to withstand daily doses of heavy use.

Eagle provides the industry's largest assortment of sizes.

We also customize for those applications where the standard vise will not meet your needs.

Contact us with your requirements and let us show you the possibilities.

Eagle Mini Vise

The Eagle Mini has been created for the smaller jobs. Whether your job must be done on a shop table or on your truck bumper, the Mini may be perfect for your application. We have utilized this vise as a vertical clamp on numerous occasions in well completion installations.

The Mini is fabricated from high-strength steel plate. There is no cast material in this vise in order to mininize the risk of material embrittlement and failure under extreme use.

It is designed to work on pipe up to 4.5" in diameter and employs gripping blocks and tong dies that incorporate holding patterns for torque holding, as well as axial holding.

The Mini also integrates an easy-to-use handle for vertical clamping applications (such as water well pipe installation), as well as a hole pattern on a base that allows for vertical mounting (horizontal pipe holding).

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