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Eagle Services

Product Development Solutions

Need a tool that doesn't exist?

Eagle has the capability to fill technology gaps through innovative thinking and hard work.

With our in-house development group, we can take your idea and make it a reality. We have developed many successful products for the oil and gas industry. Our prior successes, coupled with extensive experience in product development, provide the foundation for developing a product that will stand up to the challenges of your application.

We utilize state-of-the-art 3-D modeling software and finite element analysis to take an idea from concept to prototype. Then we employ testing in simulated downhole conditions to verify the product before it is utilized in the field, greatly increasing opportunity for success.

Eagle is equipped to quickly create prototypes and perform product validation.

Eagle's access to in-house machining greatly shortens the prototype manufacturing cycle time and our specialized testing facility effectively replicates harsh downhole temperatures and pressures.

Testing Facility offers:

  • 4' diameter x 18' deep in-ground test cell covered with 2"-thick plate for containment of pressure releases
  • 2'deep x 2'wide x 40'long test pit. Covered by sections of 1.5"-thick steel plate
  • 20,000 psi pressure testing capability with liquid; 15,000 psi with nitrogen
  • LabView data acquisition software for acquiring and documenting pressure and temperature data
Redress and Inspection of Eagle Products

We redress and inspect all of Eagle's service tools.

Our experience and knowledge of tool design and performance expectations allow us to provide detailed analysis of our service tools throughout their life. We understand the critical areas and funtionality for each of our products, so we can provide suggestions, prolonging the life of your Eagle products.

For every cushion sub serviced by Eagle, we maintain a record of service over the life of the tool, so you can rest assured that we know every part that has been replaced, modified, or reworked. Additionally, as a standard service, we inspect every thread and critical loading area for crack initiation. We have the capability of thread re-cutting to API specifications. And finally, we maintain a state-of-the-art work area for rebuilding the cushion subs, where we test each one for pressure integrity prior to release in the field.

Our Redress and Inspection Services include:

  • Disassembly/break-down of equipment
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Magnetic particle and ultrasonic inspection
  • Part replacement, rework, and thread re-cutting
  • Assembly
  • Pressure integrity testing
Machine Shop

On-site machining allows Eagle to tackle projects requiring tight timelines.

Our capable and dedicated machinists provide quality components, at a reasonable value, as well as timeliness in delivery. The advantage afforded Eagle by this asset is that we get the job done more efficiently than the competition, whether it is for commonly-produced tools or rapid prototyping.

Our machinists are highly experienced and work closely with our design and engineering teams, ensuring superior quality from start to finish.

Our capabilities extend from manual lathes and mills to the most technologically advanced CNC versions.

Why rely on outside sources that have no experience in actual oilfield operations?

It's all we've ever done. Our experience allows us to tackle the challenges that others walk away from.