Eagle's completion  tools have been developed to solve completion and production issues associated with shale field development.

Our product line  continues to grow in order to accommodate new difficulties brought on by continually changing field development requirements.

If you have a new challenge, contact us today and let's work together to solve it.

E-Pak ESP Packers

The original E-Pak Feed-Thru ESP Packer was developed to meet the needs of a large independent shale operator. It was determined that an electric submersible pump would be employed in existing wells which had high levels of sour gas requiring the casing to be protected by a packer.

The operator determined there was no packer in existence that would fit their tubing and casing design. Eagle fast-tracked development and was ready to install the newly-developed tool within 3 months of project kick-off.

Since that time, many successful installations have been accomplished and new sizes developed.

The E-Pak has also been utilized to provide capillary lines below the packer, as well as extraction of gas to increase efficiency of rod pumps.

To ensure longevity and reliability, Eagle provides redress and inspection services for all of its completion products. Additionally, we provide technical support for those customers who are remote or who prefer to self-service their Eagle completion equipment.

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