Eagle's completion  tools have been developed to solve completion and production issues associated with shale field development.

Our product line  continues to grow in order to accommodate new difficulties brought on by continually changing field development requirements.

If you have a new challenge, contact us today and let's work together to solve it.

Viper Reversing Tool

Eagle has developed the Viper Reversing Tool to meet all of your remediation needs. Whether you are milling, washing over, or burning, the Viper will allow you to keep control of your cuttings.

The Viper has been designed with a maximum number of jets in order to allow flexibility in optimizing efficiency of the tool in all conditions.

Eagle's vigorous testing protocol proves that the Viper works at greater than 100% efficiency. That's right! More flow rate exists in the reverse circulation path than is being pumped from surface!

The Viper may be coupled with a junk catcher bottom hole assembly for debris control during milling or it may be coupled with a lower basket for fish removal.

To ensure longevity and reliability, Eagle provides redress and inspection services for all of its completion products. Additionally, we provide technical support for those customers who are remote or who prefer to self-service their Eagle completion equipment.