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Hydraulic Vise

Eagle's Hydraulic Pipe Vise is the only one of its kind on the market. It was created to increase efficiency in repetitive-use applications, as well as to create a safer work area by eliminating the sliding bar handles.

A built-in advantage to the Eagle Hydraulic Vise is the variable clamping force. The double-acting hydraulic cylinder, utilized in concert with an adjustable regulator, creates a range of clamping force which allows the vise to perform in applications where softer and harder clamping is required.

This vise is especially popular in the very large sizes where a vertically-positioned C-type vise requires that the tightening rod will be positioned too high from the floor when the vise is fully open.

The speed with which the vise can open and close is approximately 5x faster than that of comparable manual screw-type vises. This will quickly become your "go-to" vise for repetitive-task jobs. And, it just might spoil you enough that you find yourself using it on EVERY job!

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