Eagle's drilling  tools have been developed for the ever-increasing demands of deepwater and extended-reach drilling.

Our product line  continues to grow in order to meet new challenges brought on by the evolution created by pushing the envelope.

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Sub-Sea Test Tool

Deepwater drilling creates many challenges for operators. One of those challenges is temporary abandonment of wells, due to environmental or weather conditions.

While working for a deepwater operator, Eagle developed the Sub-Sea Test Tool, which provides an extra barrier against flow and, at the same time, provides time savings.

The Sub-Sea Test Tool simply provides a seat, which is plugged by a ball that is dropped from surface. When run in conjunction with a drill pipe hang-off device, the Sub-Sea Test Tool provides a plug for pressure to be applied, in order to test the integrity of the closed pipe rams against the drill pipe hang-off device.

Once pressure is applied, it may be trapped by use of a pump-through-plug. The trapped pressure assists in maintaining pack-off integrity, as well as creating a further barrier against in-flow.

It also provides a shearable seat which allows the ball and seat to be by-passed, after the shear pressure is exceeded, following re-engagement with the sub-sea wellhead. By-passing is essential to a clean and efficient recovery of the hang-off device (pulling a dry string).

To ensure longevity and reliability, Eagle provides redress and inspection services for its Sub-Sea Test Tools.