Eagle vises and accessories are built rugged and strong--ready to withstand daily doses of heavy use.

Eagle provides the industry's largest assortment of sizes.

We also customize for those applications where the standard vise will not meet your needs.

Contact us with your requirements and let us show you the possibilities.

C-Type Pipe Vises

The Eagle C-Type Pipe Vise was one of our original product offerings. The founders of Eagle could not find a vise to meet their application for a reasonable cost, nor in a reasonable time-frame.

Using the ingenuity Eagle is known for, the original C-Type Vise has evolved into the most popular in its class within the oil and gas services industry. All of the largest service companies in the world utilize the Eagle vise (i.e. Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, etc.) because of its robust construction, reliable design, and extreme value.

The vise is fabricated from high-strength steel plate and utilizes standard API tong dies for gripping. There is no cast material in the vise in order to mininize embrittlement and failure under extreme use.

Contact us with your requirements and let us show you our capabilities.

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