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Come to Eagle  when you require innovative development and services for your job.

We will help  you face your challenges with expertise and attention to detail.

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Responsiveness  is something that Eagle takes very seriously.

Our goal  is to move forward with your project in an expedient manner, but with the care and precision that our quality demands.

Creating Solutions

Eagle Downhole Solutions was created to fill technology gaps not pursued by the large perrennial oil and gas companies and to provide answers to the issues that plague your operation.

The founders of Eagle have extensive experience with how new technology is developed within the large service companies and, along with our employees, work tirelessly to "get it right." Our experience, dedication, and track record allow our clients to take on the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

Through the years, Eagle has implemented successful solutions for issues ranging from storm abandonment in the deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico, to extending drill string life in the Middle East, to increasing efficiency in artificially-lifted wells in West Texas.

Giving You the Advantage

With 60+ years of experience in the oilfield, we bring you the expertise of the big service corporations, but we bring it to you in less time as well as at a better value. Not only will we service your needs, we will lead you to an effective and successful resolution.